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There are many situations where the outsourcing of accounting functions make sense  Some of the situations where outsourcing may be appropriate include start-up’s where the cost of a full time accounting staff is not yet merited, companies located in areas that do not have a adequate labor pool, high-growth companies that want the flexibility and the ability to scale rapidly and companies that do not want to focus their management time on “non-core” functions.  Outsourcing also makes sense for companies that are looking to cut costs by taking advantage of off-shore labor rates.  In any event, outsourcing is an alternative that should be considered.

We can provide your company with either the outsourcing of your entire accounting functions or the outsourcing of specific functions, such as accounts payable processing, invoicing, payroll, cash application or general ledger maintenance.  If appropriate, we can also provide you with a low cost off-shore solution for your accounting processing. 

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and to determine if it is a good solution for your company.